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Weeds Sprayer

Updated: May 20, 2020

During this time of the year, a lot of weeds such as Dandelions, Sticky mouse/Chickweed are in their full blooming cycle. So the question is, what tool to use to control the weeds? I have tested almost every hand and carry on weed sprayer in my 10 year landscaping career, I found that that there are a lot of things you might need to watch for before making a purchase decision because some weed killer may contain harmful chemicals.

For this specific work you need to choose a high quality product because no one wants harmful chemicals to get on yourself, so the most important thing to check is how the lid, hose, and carrying straps are connected to the container and how heavy duty those parts are.

When those hose joints and straps break while you are operating, it can be hard to deal with and potentially dangerous. I always suggest my clients get a commercial heavy duty sprayer even for home use. Weed control is a long term battle, so choose the right tool for the right work to protect you and your family.


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