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Mulching(Bark mulch and organic matter)

    Weeds are unwanted plants that grow fast and randomly in the garden that competes for water and nutrients with other plants. Most of the weeds use resources very aggressively, and when weeds are ignored or not dealt with right away, they will become difficult to get rid of.

    Mulching is an organic method that helps minimize weed growth but also retain moisture and proper temperature for the soil. Let us to make everything new again, so you can start winning the war against weeds once more.

The installation Process
Gardening Rake

- Mark the area for mulching

- Remove weeds and excavate the area about 2’’

to 4’’deep (depth will be vary around trees, bushes,  and flowers)

- Level the ground with hand a garden rake

- lay down weed cloth/ landscape fabric, then pin  the fabric in the leveled ground

-Cut big enough holes around trees, bushes and flowers for water, nutrient and air to properly go through.

-lay down the mulch carefully then level it up

-Clean the working area so you can enjoy your new garden

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