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Lawn Maintenance

    Plants are living creatures,just like us and animals. They grow and die in different life cycles.They need energy , food ,air and water to make sure they can live happily in your garden.Also,plants react to their living environment,so we strongly suggest you to analize the kinds of planting condition is around your plants.For lawn maintenance,we offer several services blow for you to decided which is the best one for your lovely garden.Please pick up the services you need from below and let us do the job for you.


1.Basic Lawn Mowing (Annual contract)


2. Weeds control  &  fertilizer 




4.Power Raking


5.Lawn rejuvenation


6.Moss Control

Prunning  &  Planting & Garden Cleaning

     In this section we offer various of prunning ,planting and garden cleaning services blow for your needs.  We are an honesty and reliable landscaping company,so please enjoy your free time and let us to do the job for you.


1. Hedge Triming


2. Prunning of trees and shurbs


3. Fertilizer for garden beds


4. Removing leaves and debris


5. Flower bed installation and maintenance


6. Mulching


7. Controlling weeds


8. Planting


                                         Prunning Tips


Prunning trees and shurbs at the right time can improve plants` growth and prevent many problems for your plants.Some plants are best prune after flowing,some are best prune in spring or fall.We offer some prunning tips below,


1.Choose right tools when prunning .


2.Make sure the cutters are sharp enought for cutting.


3.Clean your tools before move on to the another plant to prevent disease spread from one to another.


4.After prunning we strongly encourage you to keep healthy plants` died leafs and branches on your garden bed to organically recycle nurients.


5.Right time for right plant.




Maintenance Services

We offer reasonable packages for both home owners and commercial properties.Our professional technicians are always prepared for work in any weather conditions.

Why Us ?

Maintenance Services

What we offer

We offer reliable residential, strata and commercial lawn and garden maintenance services include the following 

Lawn maintenance

Power raking








Top Soil


Weeding & Weeds control

Planting & Transplanting

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