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Lawn  Maintenance

Lawn Mower Setup

How does it work

Our certified landscape technicians follow important analyzing steps before choose any operation actions.


1. We patiently gather needed information ,such as sun light ,drainage, soil condition , soil PH level and so on .


2. We use our knowledge and experience to find out what you need and what you don`t for your lawn .(Please Note: We don`t suggest power raking your lawn when its not necessary,for more information please click on our Power Raking page)


3. Design and delivery a best operation plan for your  lawn .

4. Choose a package that is most suits your needs.

About Lawn Maintenance

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The very first thing we do is making sure sharpen our lawn mower blade .

A dull blade will tear the grass, rather than cut it through, and it will make your lawn more easily to get disease and may cause it to turn a dull brown color.


We will make sure to set up our lawn mower to the height when cutting.

A proper cutting height allows sun, water, air and nutrients to get to the base of your grass to help it get started. We usually raise mower height every 1-2 weeks until it is around 2 1/2 to 4” high. This higher height helps to protect the root system from the sun and retain moisture as it gets hotter during the summer. Also keep some weed`s seeds above the soil to lower down future cost for weeding.


How often we need to mow is determined by how fast your grass grows.

We usually suggest 10 days a period for lawn mowing in spring and fall ,two time a month in summer .It’s also easier on your lawn to mow it in the evening, when the sun is not beating down on it.


The most important factors in cultivating a healthy, green lawn is proper watering.

When the sun is starting to rise, your best time to water your lawn comes. In summer, water in the afternoon while the sun is shining, you’ll lose more water to evaporation. If you water in evening, you’ll leave the grass too wet and promoting fungus and moss growth. You can always get a water timer in local suppliers and set it to automatic in the morning. You can also call a professional irrigation installer to put down proper irrigation system if you planned the budget.

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