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Aeration    Seeding    Fertilizing   Power raking  


In order to maintain a healthy and green lawn, we suggest aerate your lawn when needed.Aeration

will be highly considered when your soil compaction level is high for example , kids play ground and parks . Aeration helps nutrients reach the soil beneath of your grass. Also, it allows air and water to penetrate built-up grass or lawn thatch.Get rid of thatch and make way for a beautiful and strong lawn . We suggest aerate your lawn at least two times a year during grass growing season. We usually aerate cool season grass in the spring or fall and those with warm season grass in the late spring.


We carefully identify the lawn surrounding environment such as sun light and drainage condition. Then,we will decide the best grass seed blending choice for over seeding .Over seeding your lawn is important to do each year for a lush, healthy, weed free lawn. As your lawn ages grass reproduction rates and vigor will slow down. Seeding over your entire lawn at the proper rate once the last snow has disappeared. New grass will pop up and fill in those unhealthy or empty spots to contribute for your beautiful landscape.


Proper fertilizing gives it the nutrients grass needs to thrive.Usually after that your lawn has been properly aerated and over seeded, an application of fertilizer at the beginning of spring will help give your lawn a head-start and one during late spring will help your grass build strong roots system to get it ready for peak growing season in the spring and summer. Broadleaf weeds are also fed by your fertilizer applications, so make sure you pull or treat them as they appear.


Power Raking

There are many homeowners firmly believe that power raking should be a part of every Spring clean-up. In fact, power raking is rarely necessary for most of the lawns. Power raking helps remove thatch but usually cut off stolon stems to cause grass problems. The fact of the matter is, a half an inch or so of thatch is beneficial to your lawn but it’s very hard to control the height for example working on an uneven ground. However, power raking works effectively when your lawn feels spongy as you walk across it, in this case you may have an excess of thatch. Our experienced landscape technicians are here to help you grow a healthy and beautiful lawn.  

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