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So you want to plant bamboo?

Bamboo is an evergreen perennial plant in the subfamily Bambusoideae of the grass family Poaceae. Bamboo is of cultural significance in Asian countries such as China and Japan. It is popular because it can be used in building, food and even fishing materials. When you are planning to plant a fast-growing hedge, bamboo can be a good choice. However, because bamboo is a fast growing and aggressive plant due to their unique rhizome dependent system, you need to plan very carefully before planting it in your garden. Once bamboo has been planted in your garden without any root barriers, the plant can take over the whole garden, into neighbor’s yard or even inside of the homes. Here are some planting tips that will help you to safety plant bamboo.

Plan Ahead

When you decided to plant bamboo in your yard, your first option would be to find an individual and open area that can be easy accessed by small machines such as excavator or track loader, it will be easier and less costly when one day, you decided to take them out. This also gives prospective buyers an option when you plan to sell your property, the buyers can have them taken out in the most economical way possible. In addition, try not to plant bamboo in the existing garden beds if you don`t have room to build a root barrier to prevent roots from taking over the pretty existing garden beds.

Build the Barriers

Once you find the perfect place for your bamboo, you will need to build a barrier to prevent the roots from spreading out of the control. Often, professionals install concrete or Bamboo Barrier along the border of the desired planting area, its suggested that this barrier be 4 feet deep to prevent most of the bamboo roots going around, however depending on different species, a minimum 2 feet deep and 60 mil thick barrier is needed. During this installation stage, make sure not to tightly cover the bottom of the bamboo barrier so the roots can still get proper drainage.

Bamboo Barriers:

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