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Water in dry summer

Water in dry summer

This year we are experiencing a very hot and dry summer, a lot of plants are suffering from the heat wave. Plants are shedding leaves and getting smaller try to work against the dry weather. During this time, it is important to make sure the garden can get sufficient watering, it can help prevent unnecessary loss of plants. Please double check your local city by-law about watering, so you can schedule the appropriate timing for watering. In some city, you can still hand watering the garden beds and vegetable gardens, when hand watering make sure water more seldom and thoroughly, please also refer to your local by-law about when and how much you can water during water restriction period. When watering plants in hot summer , its better to avoid hot noon and afternoon watering, because during this time water evaporate very quickly, it is better to water at night or in early morning.

Adding about three to four inches of organic matter or bark mulch to keep water stay longer and give plants more time to absorb water. When watering, don`t water too much, it can also cause some plants welt and potential root rotting. Also try to not water leaves during this time, to prevent disease spreading from sunburn.

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