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Turf Installation

Turf installation sounds easy but  requires special  knowledge , experiences and skills such as  soil test , drainage system, irrigation system ,sun light and the kind of grass you choose. According to our customer research more than 85% of customers have no idea about how complicate turf installation could be . We are here to make sure the money you spend towards to lawn installation is a long term investment. You can read through our installation tips below  to have more idea about what turf installation is about.

Installation Tips

Get a piece of paper for writing down all the information you need 

Measure each area and write down your measurements.

Calculate how many square meters are in each area and add the totals together.

Before ordering any material have discussion with your family member to see if a irrigation system is needed. 


Check soil PH level, compaction level and soil texture to see if any soil blending or change is needed.We always suggest to put down at least 4" of top soil for better result. To know more about your soil can also help you to decide what kind of soil you need for lawn installation.

Check out how much sun light you have for turfing area to see if shade tolerant grass is needed.


Make sure water have access to run off the turfing area,if not  you may need to install drain pipes to improve drainage system.

Choose a good day for your turfing project

Order 5% or 10% extra turf  depends on how irregular the  working area is.

Always call for professional for help if you are not so sure about how to install turf properly . 


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