Paving Stone Installation

The Process

Remove existing grass, concrete or gravel, then excavate to the proper depth depending on the type of traffic.

 Spread gravel smoothly throughout the excavated area. Then compact the entire area evenly a couple of times. Spray water genially for better compaction.

Following the completed base preparation, edge restraints are installed to prevent lateral movement of interlocking paving stones and to enhance the aesthetic appearance to the installation

Spread 1" of coarse sand evenly over the compacted base to establish a bedding for placement of concrete paves.

 leveling must be done to ensure that an even bedding surface is established.

Commence placing paves on the leveled bed in the pattern you wish to use.


Once all paves have been placed, sweep the entire paving stone surface clean in preparation for tamping. Also, sweeping helps to check any loose or damaged paving stone before adding jointing sand.


Compact and adding joint sand to the whole paving stone area.


Water genially on paving stone surface to rinse joint sand in to joints as mush as possible.

Let the whole area dry out and sweep off extra joint sand on paving stone surface to make it looks clean and nice.

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