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Retaining Wall

AB Block


The Process

Please Note! Any object 3.5 F high above the ground may require a city permit and engineer`s design depends on different city code. 

Undertaking a retaining wall project involves a substantial investment of both cost and labor. Prior to initiating such an endeavor, we highly recommend engaging in a consultation with our seasoned landscape professionals. This ensures that the chosen materials and design align seamlessly with the characteristics of your property, optimizing the outcome.

Our dedicated landscape professionals are committed to a comprehensive approach, including an on-site analysis. This crucial step allows us to assess your property thoroughly, ensuring not only the feasibility but also the safety and aesthetic aspects of your envisioned retaining wall project. Trust us to guide you through the intricacies of this significant undertaking, ensuring that your investment results in a secure and visually appealing retaining wall that enhances the overall beauty and functionality of your property.


Before the job started, talk to a land inspector or your local city land service department to make sure there are no city pipes , wires and other potential  objects that can effect your wall project. 

Measure and mark down where your retaining is going to be by using string lines or spry marker.

Excavate enough space for wall foundation and drain pipe usually according to engineer`s drawing.

Lay down drain pipes and make sure water is able to run smoothly towards to designed sewage. 


Back filled with designed material (Such as clear gravel, River rock,etc. )to cover the drain pipe if the drain pipe is designed under the wall base. 

Level up the wall base then install blocks or wood wall material by using level .

Install archer or geo-grade and compact ,usually according to engineer`s wall design.

Install caps if its Ab block wall to make the wall looks nice.

Wash off the dust on the all surface and waiting for local city`s final inspection.



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