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Stack stone& Garden bed installation

To design or install garden bed can be a long term investment for improve both property appearance and value Garden bed installation can be very expensive and labor intensive now a days.Sometimes your cost maybe double if installation process haven`t been properly followed.  Before you decide to start your project we suggest you to talk to local professionals and find out the best solution for your ideas.Our experienced landscape technicians will help you to check local code and discuss any  possibilities of your dream garden . Also, help you to identify hidden issues before its too late.

Installation Tips

Check your local code about what you can and can not for your new project .

Choose the possible plants you want for new garden bed for example shade loving plants , hedges , vegetables or evergreens. Make sure you have a general idea about how big and fast your ideal plants are going to grow ,this way you will know the possible size of your new garden bed . This information can also tells you if any special reinforce structure are needed .

Mark down the size and shape you need for the garden bed


You can have variety of materials available in local supplies ,such as stack stone, landscape lumber,AB blocks or cerement .However ,you should always carefully to decided the right material for to suit new garden bed`s shape for example landscape lumber is hard to make curve but AB block requires way more skills and tools to make a straight line. 

Dig out enough space for foundation and drain pipes by using flat shovels or digging machines .

Lay down the foundation lumbers or blocks and make sure they are leveled .Follow the recommend instruction for how to install reinforcement for your garden bed.  Also lay down drain pipes and make sure run a water test before back filled .

Add more layers until the garden bed reached designed height .


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