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Cedar Tree Care

Cedar is the most popular choice for hedge among other plants, and its essential for many landscaping designs that includes English, rock and pond garden because they normally require very low maintenance and trouble free. However, they are living organisms and will start show symptoms when the environment, soil and other problems.

In BC, most of the problems that causes established Cedars to decline is because lack of watering during the hot summer season. Most of the Cedars have shallow roots spread out under its canopy. When dry season arrives, soil surface can get very hot and dry, the environment can eventually cause the plant to stress and starting to show signs of decline. In case cadres are in a hedge roll, it’s very hard to keep the hedge look good, When the plant already got disease, pests or die back.

We help replace many Cedars on annual basis, and we would like homeowners to consider watering cedar and other plants that need water during the hot summer season to provide you and the plants a nice living conditions.

Key Points:

Watering: At least 1 time per week in summer

Fertilizer: At least spring and fall fertilizer

Sunlight: Prun other plants that are blocking the sunlight

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