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Consider Ferns

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Fern is called Polypodiopsida or Polypodiophyta. When designed properly, they can give both indoor and outdoor planting area the great ornamental appearance. Ferns are a part of vascular plants that has xylem and phloem. This group reproduce via spores and have neither seeds nor flowers. Now, this group includes about 10,560 known extant species and their first appear on our planet is about more than 300 million years ago. Many garden loves and Christmas decorators are quite familiar with this group of plants. The most attractive part is their broad triangle leaf that can be used as foundation planting or ground covers.

Some species can grow as tall as trees, and they are commonly called as tree Fern.

Most Ferns can tolerate shade condition, I would like to point out that Ferns can be designed indoors in both residential property such as apartments and houses, and commercial properties such as guest lobbies, hotels and display rooms. Most of the ornamental ferns that we can purchase from local landscape supplies such as Maidenhair Fern, Athyrium Fern and Matteuccia Ferns can be grown indoors. They are very low maintenance and can be designed with many other plants.

In residential properties, they can be planted in large pots near the shade side of the large glass doors or the center of the focal design point. Some small Ferns can be plant in hanging baskets with annuals around the windows. Ferns have very distinct leaves, some species such as Boston Ferns can have very dense leaves to hide the unwanted spots in the planters. In Commercial properties, they can be planted alone water features with ornamental plants to both create a nice green space and low maintenance.

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