Garden soil and turf soil

Landscaping beds, raised beds or ornamental beds are usually for planting ornamental plants such as small trees, annual, perennials and shrubs. The most common soil mix from our suppliers is comprised of turf blend, garden blend, soil amender, mixed with the appropriate ratio of sand, silt and clay along with humus (a dark, organic material that forms in soil when plant and animal matter decays). For bulb plants, sandy loam blending can provide excellent drainage to avoid rotting and let the bulbs grow easily. For general flower bed use, garden blend usually is the way to go. For vegetable gardens, usually 50/50 organic matter and topsoil can provide rich nutrients for the best planting results. For new turf installation, lawn rejuvenation and seeding, turf blend can be a good choice. Turf blend is usually 45% of sand and 55% compost mix that provide proper drainage for grass to grow.

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