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How to get ride of Black-Berry bushes

Updated: May 20, 2020

Blackberry bushes are an invasive plant that has very dense and sharp spikes on its stems like roses. Due to their natural defense, in the form of thorns, they can be hard for gardeners to remove by hand. If you choose to ignore them, blackberry bushes can take over the whole garden in a short period of time.

Removing by hand can be a good idea when there are only a few in the garden. What you will need is a good pair of leather landscaping/gardening gloves to prevent the needles from going through. For homeowners who have time to work in the garden, you can pull them out every time you when see a blackberry plant.

You can also use herbicide that contains Glyphosate(Round-Up) or Triclopyr(Weed-Be-gone) to spray them. When using herbicide, please follow the instructions on the label for safety guidelines and check with your local municipality for rules and regulations.

For home owners who have massive blackberry bushes in the garden, its best to hire your local professional landscaping/gardening crew to remove them by machine or other means.

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