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How to grow Blueberries

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

It is this time of the summer that you and your family pay for a weekend trip to a blueberry farm and pick the freshest fruit in the local farms. If you are a blueberry lover and wondering if you can plant a bunch of blueberries in your own garden, you can find some useful answers in this article. In fact, most of blueberries can reach up to a bit over 5 feet wide and 6 feet tall, since they don`t grow very big, you can absolutely plant them in your own back yard garden.

Before planting, it is better to learn a bit about what kind of blueberry plant is best for your garden and consumption preferences. From Canada all the way to southern United States you can find a lot of species or cultivars that can grow well in your garden. They are some evergreen and deciduous blueberry species, this means you can plant some evergreen blueberries in your flower bed to cover bare soil spots while still enjoying the benefit of the berries during fruiting season.

Before planting a blueberry bush in the soil, it’s better to clean out all the weeds on the desired planting area because herbicide is harmful to blueberry bushes, also digging around blueberry bushes can potentially disturb or damage the feeding roots, so a good weeding is very important before any planting.

The best planting timing for blueberry bushes is in spring and fall to prevent root system from unnecessary suffering. It is ideal to plant them right away with starter fertilizer, back fill the soil just slightly covering the root ball and water the plants thoroughly for initial planting. Place container plants in cool area for example under deck or stairs, water the pots often if you are not planting them right away. It is our recommendation that you plant them right away and water the plants thoroughly for initial planting.

Pruning is essential for getting good fruit, dead and crossed branches can be removed in any time of the year, take out branches that block air circulation going through and trim back tip shoots in early spring. Water the plants regularly after each pruning can help the plants recover fast and produce more branches.

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