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Lawnmower- Gas vs Electric

Electric Lawn-Mower's Advantage

If you want to make less noise and have a small and leveled lawn (less than 1300 SF), you might consider an electric lawnmower. Cost wise, a good electric lawnmower is similar to a residential gas power lawnmower ranging from $380 to $760. Companies such as RYOBI, STIHL and EGO also make cord less lawnmower for an affordable price.

Electric lawnmower makes less noise than gas lawn mower, some models are even quiet enough that you can start it anytime without disturb neighbors’ weekend sleep-in time. If quietness level is important to you, make sure you do some research before purchasing.

Electric lawnmowers are usually lighter than gas lawnmower, for a small area that has soggy soil conditions, a lighter lawnmower will cause less compacting of the soil. They are easy to start and turn, and the lighter weight also mean you can easily fold and store it over the winter.

Electric lawnmower also creates zero emission when operating, it’s a Green Friendly option to reduce gasoline related emission output.

Gasoline Powered Lawn-Mower's Advantage

When you have to cover a big area, a gasoline powered lawnmower can be more effective and efficient because you just need to buy enough gas.

Gas powered lawnmower usually produce more output than electric once. Honda, Husqvarna, and Craftsman are some reputable companies who produce durable gas lawn mowers. They work better for cutting through long and thick grasses compare to electric once.

They are more durable than most of the electric lawnmowers, some owners have them for years without changing any parts. Usually when damaged parts are properly replaced, gas lawn mower can run smoothly once more.

**improperly using the lawnmower can cause serious injury, please make sure you read and understand the user manuals before operating both electric and gas power lawn mowers.

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