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Turfing Vs Seeding

Seeding or turfing is a common question we get from our clients, so what is better option for both long term and the best result. Let us chat about it! Usually in Greater Vancouver area, if your lawn is about more than 60% gone, we would recommend choosing turf installation or sod installation.

Number one reason for turfing is because turf installation is about $2.50 per square foot compared to good quality seeding that is about $1.70 per square foot, in a general the cost is less than $1000 per hundred square foot. With new turf, basically you start lawn maintenance, if you are careful enough, you can have a good lush green lawn for long time. Turfing also give you almost instant result when it’s done, so the extra cost does provide great values compare to seeding. On the other hand, seeding is cheaper, but does need homeowner to do proper care such as over seeding the bare spot, watering, and fertilizing, also for all the seeds to grow up, you are looking for at least one week. Seeding also provide opportunities for weeds to grow as well because fertilizer has been added to the soil surface.

However, there is a break even point for seeding for add more value to a quite larger property that is too costly to lay down fresh turf, in this case seeding can be a better consideration

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