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Why Grass turns brown in Summer

There are a lot of reason for lawn to have brown spots, some brown spots may cause by disease and simply a cute dog just peed. However, if it’s in hot summer with almost no rain and a big chunk or almost all lawn is brown, this might be because the grass is dormant. During grass dormancy, they turn brown looks like dead but in fact if you can get a closer look at their crown, they are still alive. Usually when crown gets water again, slowly the lawn will turn green again.

How to improve and make the lawn green again

The first thing revives the dormancy lawn is to make sure the lawn is in a dormant condition. You can simply water whole lawn heavily and consistently in several days to see if green lawn started to come back. Usually when the lawn is in dormancy, try not to play or walk on the lawn to prevent possibly damage to grass roots. You should let the grass grow a bit taller to provide shades for roots, so its better to wait for the strong lawn come back then set the lawn mower high to lightly make the top surface even. For homeowners to get a green health lawn, install automatic irrigation system can be a good idea, regularly water the lawn usually can prevent grass from dormant. Please check with your local water by-law to properly manage your lawn, and if your lawn turn yellow, try to avoid foot traffic to prevent unnecessary damage on your lawn.

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