Why some wood fence last longer than others?

To put a line of cedar fences alone the property line can both provide you great privacy for yard activities and improves looking for your property. They are nice but do have about 10 years lifetime before you need to repair or replace the whole thing. In this short article, I will explain the common types of cedar fences in our current market and how to prevent rotting and make the fence last as long as possible.

Solid VS lattice

Most common manufactured cedar fences are “Solid panel” and “Solid panel with lattice (Web like structure sets on a short solid panel)”, they are generally height range from 4 foot to 8 foot, and 6foot to 8 foot wide. Which kind last longer? The Solid panel or solid with lattice? I usually prefer solid panel if durability is the priority because it has simpler structure and less thin parts compare too manufactured lattice fence. It’s also easier and a bit cheaper to repair, all the parts can be purchased at local home centers such as Home Depot, Rona or other small lumber retailers.

How to take care

Moisture is the number one consideration that can affect life of the fences. When installing fences, make sure the bottom of the fence panels is above the ground level. Usually we recommend digging a small trench and fill with gravel under the fencing area, by doing it can help to letting surface water drain as quick as possible. Then install 4’’x4’’x8’ treated wood or any tough outdoor material on the gravel surface to provide about 4’’ high above the ground to keep fences as dry as possible.

Painting the fence can help extend its life and add different color scheme to fit with your landscaping design. Normally, any outdoor paint would be able to do it job, just keep in mind that wood fences do absorb a lot of paint, so to get some cheap primmer before the quality paint can be rolled or sprayed on can be a more economic solution.

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